Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pinterest? Candy Crush Saga? Facebook?

Which of these are you addicted to? Because statistics say that if you're on the internet for more than an hour a day, you're going to be addicted to one of them (okay, I totally made that up...although I'm pretty sure there are stats out there about this).

What? Me? Which one am I addicted to? Why? What business is it of yours? Oh, fine. I'll tell you. All of them. Satisfied? Happy? Go ahead and poke fun of me, wrinkling your nose as you laugh and snort at my misfortune. It really is a misfortune, you see, and certainly not laughable. It's very time-consuming to be a Pinterest Ho, a Candy Crush Saga Mama and a Facebook Freak. I hardly have any life at all (ask my ever-patient, yet suffering, husband) thanks to these minute hour-sucking social media giants.  Okay, okay, so CCS is just a game, but it CAME from Facebook, so it's a social media giant's offspring, which is just as bad. Sins of the father and all that. My day revolves around checking the status updates of friends, reading the newest recipe pins, scanning chat messages that need my attention before my friend (or more likely, someone I've never met, except online...still a friend nonetheless, right? I mean, this IS the 21st Century. We rarely physically interact with our fellow man any longer) thinks I'm ignoring him/her. I have awe-inspiring pictures to share, funny posts to like, my witty comments to share, a Grumpy Cat meme to laugh at, amazing pins to repin. Not to mention that stinkin' level to beat that has been kicking my butt for four days. It's exhausting, truly. *sigh*

But back to you...this was about you, after all, 'member? You 'member. But maybe you're one of those (the italics were meant to drag that out in your head as you it's a more sarcastic, condescending version of the word) people who just pop on and off of the social media, not spending much time at all enjoying the cornucopia of crap wonderment it has to offer. That's really disgusting, actually. It's like getting free admission to the Guggenheim and going in to just use the restroom facilities. Really?! Some people (use that sarcastic-sounding voice again).

You really should join us over here on the darkside of Social Media Addiction...we have cookies. (Yeah, that was a funny meme. I'm sadly not that original.) Besides, the more the merrier, right? That means more posts to read, more comments to make, more pins to repin and more friends to send me free lives...and more time I'll be wasting. Ah-hem.

Carry on.

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  1. Oi! Hey mum! I love yer book so far. It makes me a wee bit sad in the beginning, but it gets better! I recommend this book to all of ye! I love you mum and yer book, too!