If Only

If only you could know
the feeling I have that grows
each and every time we love
                             it never seems enough.

If only I could sing
          the song to me you bring
of seaside shells and soulful flowers
                             of making love ‘til the morning hour.

If only you could see
          the love you’ve given me
how my heart cannot contain
                             all the joy erasing pain.

If only I could share
          more moments now so rare
                   with my love, my life, my friend
                            I want this feeling to never end.

If only we could slip away
          to a secret place to lay
in each others' arms always
                             forever loving to the end of days.


Life That Should Have Been

I lived a life of tears...
Bitterness ruling all those years.
Fear and indecision became the norm
like a fresh sailor braving a first storm.

"He's out there," I thought at the start.
"I just haven't chanced upon the keeper of my heart."
But hasty choices made while impatience reigned
Darkened my heart with regret's cruel stain.

Fear became resignation and loneliness abounded.
"Happiness is not to be had" my mind often sounded.
Yet I see it in others, the joy of love shared
A life of wonder, trust built as souls are bared.

The love of a lifetime, found by so few.
Soul mates colliding, hope shines anew.
No more will I be someone's passing interest.
My soul will wait. My mind will watch. My heart will rest.



Tears in my eyes reflect stars winking so innocently
Reflecting my gloom as I gaze at the midnight moon
Under a canopy of pain draped about my scarred soul
Enduring to survive the ravages of a you-shaped wound

Do you wonder about me as you watch the night sky
If I see the same night while aching for your embrace
Am I but a memory of a time never shared
A thought in your mind of what might have been

Perhaps one day our souls will collide
A meeting of chance, a cosmic happenstance
Will we be familiar, two halves of the same coin
Can a connection be made from a stranger’s passing

Help me find you, soul mate, lover, The One
I’m drowning in a sea of lifetime regrets
Wasted time, wasted love, wasted trust
Only you can save me now

(c) 2013 Ria MacAlister. All rights reserved.

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