Wednesday, July 11, 2012

OMG!!! This was an amazing discovery!

Okay, first the disclaimer(s):  This has absolutely nothing to do with writing, being a writer, books, or anything else literary. It does have to do with cleaning your bathroom. WAIT! Don't run off! You'll want to read this, seriously.

I moved into a new-for-me place that has old sinks/bathtub/shower. The person who lived here before apparently didn't know how to keep things clean and there was a LOT (read: gag gag) of soap scum and hard water deposits on the fixtures. Being the lazy person I am--not to mention injuring my elbow during my move--I wasn't inclined to do a lot of scrubbing. What's a girl to do? GOOGLE!!

Well, I just so happened to stumble upon a forum (sorry, I can't even recall the name of the forum now) that had a thread discussing the cleaning of aforementioned stuff ^  One person posted they use Easy-Off Fume Free (yes, oven cleaner) on bathtubs, shower doors, chrome fixtures, etc. etc.  They swore by the stuff, saying they'd never come across any material that it harmed. Being in the desperate-to-have-a-clean-house-yet-not-wanting-to-work-too-hard-for-it stage, I rushed to my nearest all-purpose discount conglomerate (yeah, Walmart) and discovered they have their own knock-off version of the Easy-Off Fume Free for half the price. Figuring that the stuff probably wasn't going to work anyway (yeah, I'm not an optimist. Get over it) and being that I'm not only lazy, but cheap too, I grabbed the Wally World brand and headed back home. 

Once home, I promptly headed into the worst bathroom. Apparently the former owner had been a car mechanic, or an oil rigger, or a tar pit cleaner, because the soap scum in there was GROSS. I sprayed the Easy-Off knock-off all over the place, covering the entire tub, walls and fixtures. Then I figured I'd leave it for awhile to soak. Well, having ADD on top of all my other rotten personality quirks, I have to admit that I completely forgot about the stuff for like 8 hours. Literally. Rushing into the bathroom as soon as I remembered (like those extra 4 seconds I earned by running down the hall would somehow save the tub from having holes eaten into it after sitting under the chemicals for 8 hours) I was thankful to realize everything was still intact, and just had a powdery residue. Grabbing my sponge, I decided I had better start scrubbing.

WRONG!!! No scrubbing required! I barely had to wipe the stuff off with the sponge. In fact, most of the cleaning was done by just rinsing the stuff off! The chrome was so shiny, it looked brand new. No soap scum or hard water deposits to be found anywhere! AMAZING! My back was saved from having to lean over the tub, my poor injured elbow was saved from more pain AND I now had more time for social media time-wasting! YAY!

Try it...seriously. I'm not kidding here. 

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