Monday, March 26, 2012

Ugh...Why Is It So Hard To FOCUS??

I stumble into the kitchen and grab the obligatory cup of coffee, that hot dark substance that keeps me from being in a coma 19 hours of the day. Thank God for automatic coffee makers with timers.

It's my day off. From the day job, that is. I intend to do some serious writing today. If I write, I might sell, and if I sell enough, then maybe I can tell the day job adios. Sounds like a great plan. If only...

Oh, look! There have been 1,286 new tweets since I left the computer humming by itself last night. That's going to take awhile to go through, and of course, I MUST go through every last one of them. Not to mention all the news tweets that post as I'm going through the old ones.

And I have new Facebook friend requests...can't leave those sitting. Oh, funny youtube videos! Have to watch those. Hmm, a new recipe pinned on Pinterest. Oh, wait, it's a whole new recipe blog...this is going to take some time to go through and pin the good stuff.

So many friends post links that beg to be opened. Blogs to be read. Rabbits to chase after.

Finally, I am ready to just write. Focus, focus, focus. My new mantra. I glance at the clock and realize I have a whopping half hour before the kids get home and the chaos starts. No writing will be done then. SIGH.

Social media, you're killing my writing mojo.

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